Face Claim

What are Face Claims?
Face Claims, or FC for short, are the actors and actresses representing your character.
Can we still use actors that are used by other users?
Sadly, no, or else it will cause confusion and conflicts.
How do we find out which are being used?
The following is a list of actors that are currently being used. If you do not see the name of your Face Claim here, please immediately add it.
Can we reserve a face claim to use?
Yes, as long as you make the character form with that person within a week, or else you will no longer have the exclusive right to them.

Female FC's

Actress Being Used by FC is Used for
Acacia Clark Ciara Jessie Brown
Arielle Kebbel Abigail Amanda Ross
Sara Paxton Josie Caitlyn Barnes
Katelyn Tarver Jaineh Jo Ryan
Malese Jow Jainzeh Quinn James
Heather Morris Jainehhh Bailie Parker

Male FC's

Actor Being Used by FC is Used for
Mark Salling Jainzehh Ed Jones