Sikowitz's Classroom

Welcome to Sikowitz's classroom! You could do a lot of crazy stuff here! You can watch Sikowitz drink his coconut, eat some Toro tuna, enjoy coconut baby food, grill some "mysterious meat", yodel during the Holidays, or even play with some liquid soap! To take note of your monthly acting assignments, click here! FUN ACTIVITIES

  • The Bird Scene- has an important role in Hollywood Arts. You need to pass this so you can participate in school plays.

NOTE: No other student shall reveal how to pass this scene.

  • Drive-by-Acting Exercises- Sikowitz will tell students as what to act (for example, terrified dolphins) and his students have to do so until he stops the exercise. He might film you and post it online while doing this, so be prepared.
  • Improv- coming up with lines for a plot on the spot
    • Alphabetical Improv- students must improvise a scene; their sentences must start with the letters of the alphabet in the correct order. (first sentence A, second sentence B and so on)
  • Method Acting- students must play a character and not break their character.(Note: It is unknown if he ever did this at any other time than that one).